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Instructions Checklist. Step 1. Fill a highball glass with ice, and pour in the cherry juice, vodka, and orange juice. Stir to mix, and garnish with maraschino cherries to serve. Advertisement.

Urban Dictionary: cherry pop

When your cherry is popped you only bleed the first time. When a girl who is a virgin has sex for the first time with a guy. A piece of skin inside of her vagina is moved once the guy has "put it in".

How To Know If You Popped Your Cherry? 6 Ways to Tell If Your ...

It refers to the theory that your hymen (the thin tissue at the opening of your vagina) breaks during sex, which might cause bleeding (hence the red color of the cherry). But how do you know if ...

What Happens When Your Cherry Pops? | New Health Advisor

"Popping your cherry" is a slang used to refer to the "popping" of the hymen. You may notice a small amount of blood coming out when you break your hymen through vaginal intercourse. It is not always the case though because you can break it while doing things like dancing, gymnastics or horse riding.

Urban Dictionary: popped cherry

A popped cherry can be defined as losing ones virginity. This can only be applied to females. It is defined as a 'popped cherry' due to most virginal females bleeding after first time sexual practice. It is often seen as a derogatary term, due to its association with an unimpressive fruit. Often associated with promiscuous young men.

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Pop, which has sexual undertones as early as the 1600s, alludes to the breaking of a women’s hymen during sex, which may slightly bleed, evoking the red color of the cherry. As popping cherries is about firsts, pop the cherry can be used figuratively for doing something one has never done before. First time you dived off a cliff? Popped your cherry. First time you slow-danced to Toto’s “Africa?”

What Does Pop Your Cherry Mean? | New Health Advisor

When someone says "pop your cherry", it means "losing your virginity". It's a slang term for "popping" the hymen during sex. The hymen is a very thin layer of skin that is often stretched across the vaginal opening, but by the time a girl is old enough to have sex, she might not have a hymen at all.

How To Know If You Popped Your Cherry AKA You Have A Broken ...

Phrases like "popping a cherry" are pretty common, yet in the medical field, a broken hymen is the phrase more commonly used.

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can you pop your cherry without having sex? how big is the penis supposed to be when your 15?? Does it hurt when you break your hymn/pop your cherry? I'm 13 and my penis is 7.5 inches long Is my penis big? did he pop my cherry ?? Im a 13 year old boy, 14 next month, So how long should my penis be? The natural size penis of a 15 year old